You are a game designer? illustrator? FLGS? distributor? alien visiting our planet? something else? We need you all!

Contact us through the form below but before, make sur to read the corresponding section!

Illustrator ?

Illustrator : a publisher always needs graphical talent! And each game needs its own personal style. So yes, I need you, but I don’t know when…

So how does this goes?

1- send your contact details and your book

2- They will be kept preciously and checked for every new project to find the artist who will bring a little soul to the game with his style.

3- If you have never illustrated a board game, it is not a problem but be aware that it is a peculiar work. Here are some of the defining features :

  • the game MUST be balanced between looks and playability. And these are often contradictory notions!
  • The illustration must always be at the service of the game to enhance theme and gameplay
  • An illustrator MUST have played the game he works on.

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Game Designer ?

Game Designer :

You created a game? Congratulations!

You want to get your game published? Great! But the first question to ask yourself is : why me? If there is no particular reason, start by looking at my previous games and ask yourself if your game would fit well with these.

If yes, the best thing to do is contact me through the form below and present you game. The famous “pitch”.

But what is that? Besides the usual info (name, length, target audience, number of players), give me your theme in one sentence. One more for the main mechanisms of the game. And (let’s be bold), 2 more sentences for the gameplay, the emotions and pleasures felt during play.

If that interests me, rather quickly, I will contact you to get the rules.

within a longer period, if these give me the impression of a game with potential (that is, something that makes me dream, that fits what I publish, and that makes me want to play it right now), I will ask you to send me a prototype. Shipping is on you and I don’t send back prototypes.

Within a much longer period (several weeks or months) during which I will play your prototype and present it to a wide audience, if I still love the game, we will need to talk on the phone, skype or at a festival.

Why? Because before I start working on the game, I need to know the designer. Because game development is a team effort. I need to know if we have the same vision of the game, and if our ways of working on the game are compatible, and before all that, if we get along…

and also if my conditions (the contract) are fine by you…

That said, we will not sign the contract yet.

No, that’s where the work really starts. Indeed, there is going to be a long period (months, even years) in which we will develop the game together, to magnify its potential and make it a publishable game.

During this work, we will break things (often), build them back (sometimes), try many things that don’t work,… We will shake the game in every direction, cut some, and if possible make it better.

Once we have sculpted a delicious and strong gaming skeleton (bones are good!), it is publishable!

We will then sign the contract in which I pledge to publish the game in a reasonable timeframe, to give you an advance on your rights, to decide the amount of said rights,…

The only thing left is to make the game all pretty by putting it in the hands of an illustrator and by giving amazing (but not expensive) components.

The end is near, O spry designer… After production and promotion, the game will end up in game stores and in the end of gamers…

For everything related to illustration, components, format, production promotion, pretty much every decision about the game, even if I make the final call, you will be informed, consulted, and strongly encouraged to give your opinion.

You get it, the process is looooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggg! One to a few years! so patience is the key virtue of a game designer.

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Friendly Local Game Store ? Online Store ?

I do not make direct sales to game stores. Please contact my distributor in France. The talented Blackrock team will be thrilled to provide you with all of the blue dog games….


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Distributor ?

Distributor ?

Know that my games are distributed in France by BLACKROCK. For other countries, by other partners or by nobody.

So if the bones of the blue dog interest you for distribution in far away lands, feel free to contact me.


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Alien ?

Alien : Cool ! If something could definitely reconcile me with the universe, it would be that the first extra-terrestrial being i meet be a gamer! So I would only have one question : what do you play on your planet?


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Other ?

You are something else? It’s your choice!

Who are you then? And can a blue dog do something for you?


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